John W. Wilkins II

Division President / GM / VP of Operations

Award-winning leader who has consistently increased sales, profits and market share for districts, regions and stores for industry leaders Rite Aid Pharmacy, Target and JCPenney as well as startups. Achievements in all facets of operations from procurement to merchandising. Accomplished in controlling expenses, reengineering processes and building/turning around business units. Responsible for up to 30 units, 400+ staff and revenues of $150M+.

Created vision, developed plans and drove innovation to improve profitability, reduce costs and expedite product to market. Proven record of streamlining processes, enhancing productivity and improving quality, while increasing ROI. Forward thinking, metrics driven and detail oriented with proven strengths in prioritizing and managing multiple tasks.

With broad experience as a liaison between corporate headquarters and field operations, can impact the bottom line by:

- Improving margins by streamlining operations and reducing expenses
- Seeing the big picture while focusing on driving results
- Transforming underperforming operations into stable and growing profit centers
- Handling multiple priorities with excellent organizational and managerial skills
- Building, training, leading and training teams to high levels of productivity, effectiveness and excellence

Strong decision maker, quick to act and create sense of urgency in others. Innovative leader, turning ideas into action.
Greater Pittsburgh Area

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Skills & Years of Experience


  • $2.6M
    Increased Profits
  • $1.9M
    Sales Increase
  • $1.3M
    EBITDA Increase
  • $2M
    Cost Reduction
  • 25%
    EBITDA Increase